Custom Made

How Do We Work

We have a team composed of agile, disciplined and bilingual (English and Spanish) people; we are close enough to United States of America (Mountain Daylight Time/ UTC-6), with direct flights between 60-90 minutes to Miami, Orlando, Houston, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Our Framework

We operate with SCRUM, a framework for software development used by studios around the world. Thus, we can work well with other companies development teams.

Platforms We Develop

We develop games for the following platforms:

  • Consoles: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii, PS Vita and PC.
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry.
  • Web
Team Philosophy

Now the older and wiser player on the team understands that they are not bright individual actions that build great teams, but the energy that is released when the players put aside their egos and work together toward a common goal.

Joint Creation

When we begin a project, we can guarantee:

  • Daily Online Tracking (SCRUM)
  • Product Validation
  • Quality Control

Work is like a book. Some chapters are sad. Some are happy and some are exciting, but if you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter has in store for you.

Hand Made


APP Develop

Our App developers are seasoned professionals with proven experience in mobile app development, design, testing and finishing products.  If you need your company app or a great idea we will take care of it and together we will bring to life.

  • Coop team work
  • Care for your brand
  • Cross Platform

Game Develop

As enthusiasts in the truest sense we eat sleep dream games and now we offer our advanced 2D and 3D game development experience in:

  • Unity3D
  • HTML5
  • UDK

Web Design

Our  team works on the cutting edge of technology and best practices. Making websites built for performance. Offering:

– Ecommerce Development
– Content Management System
– Mobile Development
– Responsive Website Development


Post Production

We look for the magic that allows everyone to forget that they are looking behind a camera to your video games, cinematics, ads and movies.

  • On-Time
  • Reliable
  • Memorable


Given the growth trends in image, reliability and sales through social networks we offer you:

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Presence
  • Growth

Creative Services 

What you dream is what you get!

  • Because We Can!
  • We love the entertainment industry

Game Design 

  • Vision establishment
  • Design and creativity
  • Monetization into games
  • Concept & Project review

We make games from the owners vision and we transform it into a product, with ideas that make smiles and make us grow. Working as a team, we reach farther than one alone can do.