Cognitive Summary

El Chavo Playbook App is packed with opportunities for kids 4+ years to practice cognitive strategies that will help them in their school, social and daily life. Based on the Cognitive Theory, this app, helps with organization and in following instructions through a system that rewards. With it your child improves the following areas:

  • Visual Perception and Attention, designed to capture and retain their concentration on a task as it helps kids focus on a task from beginning to end.
  • Memory and language, the story book focuses on language, using words that improve their vocabulary.
  • Fine Motor Skills, developed with core movements in mind, that make up the pre – writing strategies, like the pinch gesture for pencil grip, the swipe or drag gestures for hand – eye coordination and the use of straight lines that introduce writing the letters of the alphabet.
  • Develop Executive Functions to improve on their decision making skills in the right time, to have flexibility and to be tolerant to frustration, anticipate difficulties and to form a strategy to solve problems.
  • It helps to recognize emotions, not only theirs but the people who relate to them, self-regulate and have empathy for others.
  • Other mini games also work on sequencing and conduct inhibition so kids can get to the solution they need.
  • Creativity is one of the abilities that this app emphasizes on, through art and the creation of personal designs.

We hope this game entertains and gives your child many hours of fun activities and the peace of mind that he or she is practicing skills beneficial for the rest of their lives.